YES. Roofers can work in the rain.

Roofers can do most roofing work in the rain except roof tear off and flat roofing work. When its raining, removing the protective layers of the roof is not a good idea as it exposes the plywood sheeting to the elements.[1] Once the underlayment is installed, the plywood is protected from water and other roofing work can safely proceed. Flat roofing cannot be performed in the rain as it requires welding the TPO/PVC membranes to one another where two membranes meet and create a seem.

We are Seattle area roofers, born and raised in the great state of Washington. We are specialists when it comes to roofing in the rainy season. Enjoy this video about "Can Roofers Work in the Rain?".

Every winter in Seattle, Washington, the rain starts and we get more rain than sun. We do not let that stop you from getting a roof and we roof year round. In fact, we are busier in winter. A lot of the time, homeowners forget about our roofs until the leaks become visible and start reminding us there they are still there. Being Seattle Roofers, we have developed techniques for roofing in the rain.

Our Process for Roofing in the Rain in Seattle, Washington

We start with a call from a customer. We schedule a meeting to come out and see your roof. After taking a look at the roof, we find the type of roof you want for your new roof. If it is raining, we will put a temporary patch in place to keep things dry until we can get to it a few weeks later.

We can roof in the rain, but we don't tear off. We do not want to open your roof and expose it to the elements while it's raining. When the weather clears up, we come out to replace the roof.

Flat Roofing is one type of roofing work that cannot be safely performed in the rain. Flat Roofing cannot be performed in the rain because it requires welding of the TPO/PVC membranes to one another where the two membranes meet and create a seem.[2] Welding cannot be safely performed in the rain.[3] If there is an active leak and we are going to replace the roof, we still put a temporary patch in place to keep things dry until the weather clears up.

These kinds of problems can make roofing projects take longer and can make scheduling more complicated.

To solve these kinds of problems, we have our own dedicated roofing installation crews at Three Tree Roofing. All of our crews are employeed full-time with us. This makes it easy to manage jobs around the weather. When our worker's show up to the job site, they are representing our company with the Three Tree Roofing core values. They are dedicated to you, the customer and considerate of the your wants and needs. Our employees help provide a consistent unified and delightful experience.

Three Tree Roofing has dedicated roofing installation crews to make sure our jobs are done correctly and in a timely manner, the Three Tree way.

With our dedicated Seattle roofer teams, depth of experience, and working with the most popular, versatile, durable, and affordable type of roofing material, we build the best roofs in Seattle. Please visit our Roofing Portfolio to browse our featured roof replacements, including residential composite shingle roofs.

Dedicated and Professional Roofing Contractors

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