Roofing Product Overview: CertainTeed Solstice Shingles Product Line

Below are details for each of the CertainTeed Solstice Shingle Products we offer in Seattle.

Solar Roofing Options: CertainTeed Solstice Shingles
Solar Roofing Options: CertainTeed Solstice Shingles.

Solstice Shingle: Sleek, Powerful Solar Energy Production Yet Low-Profile

The Solstice® Shingle system from CertainTeed offers a sleek, low-profile solar energy solution that integrates seamlessly with asphalt shingles. Known for its dependability and superior performance, Solstice ensures efficient clean energy production, resistance to wind, and watertight protection.

CertainTeed Solstice Shingles installed on a test roof
CertainTeed Solstice Shingles installed on a test roof.
Features & Benefits

The CertainTeed Solstice Shingles offer a seamless integration with asphalt roofs, provide easy and fast installation, and offer reliable performance with superior impact, wind resistance up to 100 mph, watertight design, and efficient energy production even under diffused light and shade.

  • Beautiful Appearance: Solstice Shingles provide a sleek and uniform look that integrates seamlessly with existing asphalt shingles, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.
  • Simplified Design and Installation: With the use of industry-leading software for design and permitting, and the ability to be installed directly on roof sheathing using standard deck screws, Solstice Shingles offer an easy and quick installation process.
  • Dependable Performance: The patented state-of-the-art technology makes Solstice Shingles one of the most electrically and mechanically robust solar shingles on the market.
  • Excellent Wind and Impact Resistance: With a wind speed rating of 100 mph, Solstice Shingles offer leading impact and wind resistance among solar shingles. They are also rated for installation in high velocity hurricane zones.
  • Water Protection: The design features of Solstice Shingles, such as water channels and raised fastener locations, offer excellent protection against water intrusion.
  • High Energy Production: Solstice Shingles provide superior performance even under diffused light and shade, boosting overall energy production.
  • Extended Warranty: CertainTeed provides warranty coverage for your Solstice shingle system for up to 25 years, backing both the product and the installation when performed by a CertainTeed-credentialed solar installer.
  • Proven Manufacturer: CertainTeed has been delivering high-quality products to the building industry since 1904, making them a reliable choice for your solar roofing solution.
Close up of a CertainTeed Solstice Shingle
Close up of a CertainTeed Solstice Shingle.
Close up top down angle of a CertainTeed Solstice Shingle joint connecting to Close up of two Solstice Shingles
Close up top down angle of a CertainTeed Solstice Shingle joint connecting two Solstice Shingles.
Solstice Shingle Technical Information
  • Wind Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Water Protection
  • Warranty

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