Asphalt Shingle Roof gets a Free Roof Replacement Estimate

In this roofing image, one of our estimators is giving an homeowner a free roofing replacement estimate on this asphalt shingle roof. Our in depth estimation process is completely free and very hands on. We always get up on the roof to check the status of the shingles and plywood and decide exactly what your roof needs.

When this homeowner decides to replace their roof with us, we will upgrade parts of the roof to improve performance and ventilation. We will replace these woven valleys with metal valleys to direct waterflow and protect this vulnerable aspect of the roof. We will also install a ridge vent system to improve ventilation to the entire attic space.

In this roofing photo, You may notice moss growing, as well as lifted and curling shingles. These are all indicators that your roof is reaching its end of lifespan and needs a replacement. Part of the estimation process is identifying these issues and addressing them with the homeowner. Leaving these issues untreated may result in further damage that would need more repair work done and increase the scope of the replacement project.

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