Lake Washington Residential Flat TPO Roof

Removed leaking torch down and skylights. Installed new .60 mil TPO gray membrane and all-new skylights. We install low e, argon filled double paned skylights, these are great for keeping the heat out during summer and keeping your heat in during the winter. This house had newer stucco siding, we did not damage any siding during install. This new material will keep the house much cooler during the summer. Please contact us with any questions.


This is a beautiful home with stucco siding, the homeowner wanted to make sure they picked the right contractor for the job. The existing roof was 10 to 12 years old and had been failing for quite some time. The torch down roof was starting to cause damage to the plywood sheeting.


We removed the torch down roof, skylights and damaged plywood. Damaged plywood was replaced, new .60 mil Gray TPO membrane was installed. New low E, argon filled double pane skylights were installed. No stucco was damaged during the roof replacement. Replacement time was 3 days.

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