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Roofing Testimonial: Kris, Another Happy Customer

Video Summary

Duration: 3:33

Date Published: Mar. 13, 2024

Author/Presenter: Kris

Roofing Topic: Roofing Testimonial

Roofing Type: Composite asphalt shingles

Tools and Materials: Composite

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Roofing Testimonial Another Happy Customer

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Video Description

Three Tree Roofing is the best Seattle Roofer in Puget Sound. Our clients speak for us through hundreds of online roof reviews and testimonials. "I recommend Three Tree Roofing. From beginning to end, the process was smooth, calm, and courteous, from making the initial phone call and answering our questions to the efficiency of the proposal, assigning us a production manager, and the quality of installation and outstanding communication."

Video Transcript

One of the skylights in our house was leaking, making us think we probably had a roofing problem. And that was one of the main factors in looking at a new roof. We found that Three Tree Roofing answered the phone right away. They were very polite, calm, and courteous, and we were able to get an appointment promptly.

The process was so smooth from the time of making the initial phone call. The person we spoke to was polite and kind. He answered many of our questions even before we asked them, and in the process, we were hoping it would go nice and smooth, and it did. It went nice and smooth with the estimator.

When the estimator showed up, he was very polite. He came inside and talked to us a bit, went up in the attic, checked some things out, and then got a ladder and got up on the roof. That was interesting because some of the other estimators checked the roof. Our Three Tree Roofing estimator took all the measurements, went in his van for a bit, and came out with the proposal; he printed it and had the whole thing in his hand. So many other people who had given us an estimate had to e-mail those to us, which could have been more efficient.

The Three Tree Roofing proposal was made here at our house, and there was no pushy hard sell. It was just that this is what we have. They had some samples in the van they brought in and let us choose the colors we wanted. We live in an HOA, so we can select only specific colors. And Three Tree Roofing had all of those. So we decided what we wanted from beginning to end. It was consistent. The whole process was smooth.

They weren't the most expensive, but they weren't the cheapest. They were right along the middle, and that's what we wanted. The first day the crew showed up, the crew leader came to the door and introduced himself to me. He asked if there was anything important to us. The biggest thing was the pets. And it was just nice that he considered that. They were here early in the morning. There was a dumpster out front. They had a porta-potty, so that wasn't an issue. They swept the area with a big magnet broom. I told them that our pets go outside, and I saw him three or four times with that magnet picking up things that had come off the roof.

We were assigned a production manager after choosing Three Tree Roofing. He was a key person for us. He called and told me when the materials would be delivered, so I wasn't surprised. He told us when the crew would be here to start the roofing. The production manager was our point of contact throughout the whole process. If I had any questions at all, I could call him. And if there were any questions about the house, he could call me too.

One of the things that stood out to me was the time it took to install the roof. Some other people in the neighborhood have roofs installed, which takes a week or two. We were surprised that Three Tree Roofing could finish our roof in 2 to 3 days, which was nice since the rains were coming that week. Our communication with Three Tree Roofing was just outstanding from beginning to end.

Another essential aspect to us was that Three Tree Roofing employs its roofing crews. They don't use roofing subcontractors. The roofing crews are Three Tree Roofing employees. They show up in marked vans, wearing uniforms. The project manager handed me his business card, so all roofing is by Three Tree Roofing, which is excellent. I recommend Three Tree Roofing if you're in the greater Seattle area.

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