Children’s health is a cause close to everyone’s heart and Three Tree Roofing is honored to be the Title Sponsor of this year’s Color Me Happy Guild’s Putt for Children’s annual fundraiser.

A stay at Seattle Children’s Hospital is not only about the medical experience, but also all the time in between the various tests and treatments and after them, which can be filled with anxiety and just plain boredom, especially for children and teens.

Color Me Happy raises money to provide art supplies, toys and other play items such as:

  • Coloring books
  • Play-Doh
  • Small Lego sets
  • Teen and school age arts and crafts kits
  • Stuffed animals
  • CD Players & CDs (lullabies, relaxation, all ages)
  • Disney/Pixar DVDs

The funds raised by Color Me Happy also directly support the Child Life Department at Children’s.

  • The Child Life Department helps children cope with their hospital stay in a number of ways: Play is the core of the Child Life Program. It helps children relieve tension, express concerns and fears, and experience a sense of control over their environment.
  • Playrooms and the Teen Zone provide a place to have fun, safe, supportive play and social interaction. Children can enjoy activities and entertainment as well as a wide variety of books, toys and crafts.
  • Child Life specialists are also available as part of this program. They are members of the healthcare team who work directly with the child and family to help reduce anxiety and adjust to the hospital experience. Art and music therapy are also offered.

Founded in 2014, the Color Me Happy Guild is proud to have donated hundreds of boxes of crayons and other supplies and over $22,000 in funds to the Child Life Department to make a patient's stay at Seattle Children's a little brighter.

The Guild was formed by a group of 8 women who all remember the excitement of opening that new box of crayons and want to share that same excitement with the kids at Seattle Children's. In fact, when we launched our Guild in late 2014, our first donations were large buckets filled with new boxes of crayons for the Children's Playroom!

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