Follow CJ from Three Tree Roofing, as he leaves the office to check up on a roof replacement job site to ensure the team is following protocols to keep their jobsite a good quality roofing job site.

Bonnie Lake Roofer

On this day, CJ drives to an active roofing job in Bonnie Lake. As a Bonnie Lake Roofer, Three Tree is a roofing company that performs many roof replacements in the area.

Composite Shingle Tear Off and Composite Shingle Roof Replacement

The roof project was a composite shingle tear off and composite shingle roof replacement. The homeowner noticed a leak in the roof that was caused from wind damage causing shingles to come loose from the roof. This twenty year old composite shingle roof was ready for a replacement. When the Three Tree Composite Specialist Roofers team removed the shingles, they found wood damage and needed to replace the damaged wood before finishing the roof replacement. Three Tree Roofing also replaced a skylight.

Thousands of Roof Replacements

Three Tree Roofing handles thousands of roof replacements per year and prides itself on good quality roofing. Working on so many roof projects per year gives us a good perspective on knowing how to do a good job, but also, what problems to look for and fixing them. This gives our customers a good quality roof that will last another lifetime. Sometimes what seems to be a standard roof job needs custom roofing solutions. Sometimes we need to pick up extra supplies for these types of jobs.

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Good Quality Roofing Job Site Traits

One of our goals is to provide our customers with a good quality roof with the least impact to their everyday life while keeping the job site as clean as possible. We do this in a many of ways. Below are four of the many that make a big difference to our clients.

Safety First! Safety harnesses and ladder anchors are used whenever working on a customer job site.

#1 - Clean Workspace

The first thing we do is keep the workspace as clean as possible. Demolition of the old roof can get messy. You have old roofing material getting torn off, the wind can blow pieces off the roof and into the yard. Nails are getting pulled out and sometimes can fall as well. One thing to keeping the workspace clean is making sure to have a trach container delivered to the job site and positioned so that material coming off the roof can be dropped safely into the trash container. Another thing Three Tree does to keep a good quality roofing job site is to cover the property with drop clothes and tarps. This protects anything covered from any trash or debris and is removed daily. This ensures the homeowner can still use property when roofers are not on site.

#2 - Trash Container Delivered

When the trash container is placed on the roofing job site, we make sure the homeowner can still access their garage as long as it is possible. This allows the homeowner to still park in the garage.

#3 - Port-a-potty Delivered

Three Tree Roofing also make sure to deliver a port-a-potty to any roofing job site. This prevents anyone from ever entering our customers homes or places of business for any reason. Our customers homes are sacred. Providing our team with their own bathroom makes it easy to keep your home safe and clean.

#4 - Roof Loaded Roofing Material

Another approach we take with a roof replacement is to roof load material anytime it is possible. Roof loading is having the roofing material company put the new roofing material on the roof when it is delivered to the job site. This is done with big fork lifts or cranes. This has multiple benefits. One benefit is less wear and tear on your property and yard. All the back and forth traffic up and down from the roof moving material is eliminated. Second is safety, less time on the ladders means less chances of falling coming up or down the ladder. A third reason is less time working on our roof replacement. There is a huge time savings not having to manually move the roof material to the roof.

We hope you enjoyed this video and if you are in the Seattle or Puget Sound area, please reach out to us for a free estimate!

Three Tree Roofing is Composite Roofing Manufacturer Certified

We have gone through extensive training with each manufacturer. This included comprehensive background checks and audits. Through these processes, we earned manufacturer certifications from our roofing material suppliers. In addition to the Three Tree Roofing Warranty, our customers receive a manufacturer backed warranty. This includes all of our workmanship. You are double covered by us and by the manufacturer!

If you are in Seattle or the surrounding area, please contact us or call 206-312-7663 (ROOF) to get a free estimate for your next roof replacement.