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Residential Cedar Shake & Flat Roofing - Seattle, Washington

Custom Cedar Shake / Flat Roof Combo in Seattle, Washington

Outstanding Cedar Shake & TPO Flat Roof in Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is known for green trees, rain, and forests. How cool is it to have a cedar shake roof? A cedar roof can transform a house with its beauty, durability, and energy efficiency qualities. There aren't many cedar shake roofs because obtaining premium quality cedar is difficult. We have a great relationship with our supply houses. They let us know the quality of the cedar they can supply to Three Tree Roofing and whether we should be using it for roofing or to use it for siding.

The cedar we use to install on the rooftop is a superior premium grade, sustainably harvested cedar. It is three-quarter hand-split cedar and is CCA treated for resistance to pests and fungi. Much of it is windfall cedar from Vancouver Island, an excellent quality wood. We install the cedar on the rooftop, over the underlayment, with stainless steel nails. We use all these components to ensure the longevity of the roofing system for 50 years. The 50-year cedar roof warranty is a neat option in our area. A cedar roof gives you a Pacific Northwest vibe that blends well with the natural environment, is eco-friendly, and looks awesome. This roof also has a flat section. In that area, we installed a 60 mil. TPO membrane. The TPO warranty is a 20-year labor and material warranty.

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Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Natural Beauty

Three Tree Roofing is proud to have the opportunity to offer only the best cedar shake roofing shingles in our Seattle area cedar shakes shingle roof projects. Our cedar shakes shingle roof product programs source shingles from exceptional local vendors and Vancouver Island windfall cedar to ensure excellence, quality shingles, and environmental responsibility in the materials we select. We offer our customers superior premium timber available in Seattle and the surrounding communities.

Roofing Project Details: Cedar Shake Shingle Roof No. 1
  • Roofer: Three Tree Roofing Cedar Shake Shingle Roofer Expert Team
  • Roofing Project Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Type of Roof: Premium Three-Quarter Hand Split Cedar Shake Shingle Roofing
  • Type of Roofing Project: Residential Cedar Shake
  • Roof Color: Natural Cedar Shake Shingle
  • Type of Roof Replacement: Old roof tear-off replaced with Cedar Shake Shingle residential roof
  • Length of Roofing Project: 4 to 5 days
Roof Warranty
  • Fire, Wind, Tear and Wind Driven Rain Resistance
  • 50-year CCA Treated Warranty

Trusted Performance and Quality Weatherbond TPO Membrane Roof

As a Certified Weatherbond Roof Installer, Three Tree Roofing is proud to have the opportunity to offer the Weatherbond Membrane Roof System. With a legacy of trusted performance, Weatherbond offers roofing options backed by manufacturing excellence and quality materials. TPO is a 100% waterproof chemically resistant thermo-polyolefin membrane that has become the leading choice for low-pitched and flat roofs in Washington State. TPO roofs are both long-lasting and energy-efficient. A benefit of a TPO membrane roof is it's a maintenance-free roofing system.

Roofing Project Details: Weatherbond TPO Roof No. 2
  • Roofer: Three Tree Roofing Weatherbond TPO Roofer Expert Team
  • Roofing Project Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Type of Roof: Weatherbond Flat TPO Roof
  • Type of Roofing Project: Residential Flat TPO Roofing
  • Roof Color: Gray
  • Type of Roof Replacement: Roof tear off replaced with Weatherbond Flat TPO Roof
  • Length of Roofing Project: 4 to 5 days

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Three Tree Roofing is a family-owned and operated roofing company serving the greater Puget Sound Area. We are dedicated professional roofers who specialize in residential, multifamily, and commercial roofing. For over 15 years, we have been successfully solving both complex and straightforward roofing problems. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and providing top quality roofing services has given us the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. As knowledgeable and trusted roofing contractors in the Seattle area, our clients rely on us to provide the highest quality roofing solutions for their roofing projects. Please Contact Us for your no-obligation estimate. or call us at 206-312-7663 (ROOF)!

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