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Consistent Processes for Best Roofing Results

Video Summary

Duration: 3:51

Date Published: Mar. 19, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Residential roofing services

Roofing Type: Residential

Tools and Materials: Composite, metal, synthetic, cedar shake, Tesla, TPO, and solar

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Consistent processes for best roofing results

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Video Description

We pride ourselves on high standards and customer satisfaction. Our Process for each job follows a proven, defined process that provides the best results for our customers every time.

At Three Tree Roofing, we value strong team work and accurate and frequent communication with our clients. Our production managers maintain constant contact with homeowners, informing them about project progress, addressing their concerns, and accommodating feedback. We believe in bridging the gap between the crew and the customer to foster a smooth and satisfactory project.

Our team of professionals are fully certified, insured and bonded roof specialists who are trained in roofing installation and are manufacturer trained. We guarantee that every job will be installed with the highest quality materials and workmanship. In addition to our residential division, we also have a dedicated commercial roofing teams to ensure that you have the very best craftsmen for your type of roofing project.

To learn more about Three Tree Roofing services or to request a no-obligation estimate, feel free to reach out to us online or give us a call at 206-312-ROOF (7663). We are here to answer all your roofing questions and guide you through choosing the perfect roofing solution for your home or business.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CJ McConaghy, one of the owners of Three Tree Roofing. When you call our office, you speak with an expert who will walk you through the following steps: We would like to come to your home and meet on-site to measure the roof. We'll assemble a proposal, print it, go through it, and show you some things we see on the roof.

Before we start the roof, we will communicate with you and let you know when we schedule the project. You can call us at any time. We've got our calendars behind us. Everything is very organized. Everyone here will know when your project is supposed to start, so feel free to give us a call as many times as you like.

Our estimators do a great job identifying potential problems during the initial estimate. However, there are some things you can only see once you take the roof off. For example, if we remove the roof and discover additional work is needed, we'll address that immediately with you and come up with a great solution. Customer communication is essential to us. When we've finished your project, we will be best friends.

We give you a forecasted start date before the project starts. That date can change due to additional work on a job started before yours or weather delays. We keep in excellent communication with you. You can call us at any time. You'll be assigned a production manager to oversee your project from beginning to end.

Once our crew shows up on-site, the first thing they're going to do is talk to you. They knock on your door, introduce themselves, and let you know their plan throughout the job, where the dumpster will be, and how they'll remove the old roofing material. They'll talk to you if there's anything you need help moving on your property, maybe some unique plants you want to move away from the house or something extra to protect, and you can talk to the crew about that at any time.

Another difference with Three Tree Roofing is our install crews. They are not subcontractors. In the industry, it's normal to use subcontractors to install the roofs. The problem is that they are usually not trained by the manufacturer, and because they work with several different companies, you need to know what their work looks like.

So here's the thing. All of our install crews are hourly installers. They are manufacturer installer trained. We ensure that everything we install meets the manufacturer's specifications for warranties. Our guys are going to be doing the work differently. While the crews are there, they do their best to minimize the impact. It is construction; it can be loud and dirty.

We complete most jobs within a week. Our customers say it was better than they thought it would be. Clean-up is significant to all the guys. While there, they'll use a magnet to sweep the grounds and pick up anything that might have fallen. When we leave at the end of the day, your driveway and walkways will always be safe and clean from debris.

When the project is complete, your crew leader comes into the Three Tree Roofing office and talks to the production team. They go through any additional work that might have been needed on the project. Once that is finalized, we will send you the final invoice. Your warranty will immediately go into effect when we receive your invoice payment. The warranty paperwork filing takes one to two months, and you'll see either a paper copy or an e-mail sent to you.

What's neat with our warranties? The manufacturer is covering our labor. So, if we retire and move to Hawaii, you still have a workmanship warranty.

Thank you for learning more about Three Tree Roofing. If there's anything we should have gone over in this video that you have questions about, feel free to call us. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks.

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