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On The Job Site with a Professional Roofing Company

Video Summary

Duration: 3:54

Date Published: Mar. 21, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Our family roofing business

Roofing Type: Residential and commercial

Tools and Materials: Composite, metal, synthetic, cedar shake, TPO, Tesla and CertainTeed Solstice

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Our family roofing business

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Video Description

Follow CJ from Three Tree Roofing as he leaves the office to check up on a roof replacement project to ensure the team follows protocols to keep their job site a good quality roofing job site.

Video Transcription

It's CJ with Three Tree Roofing. Today, we will check out one of our active jobs in Bonney Lake. We will do a composition tear-off, fix some wood, and put some comp back on. While there, we'll check in with the crew, see what they're up to, and check out the tear-off process. It should be cool.

Our first trip is to run to the supply house and deliver some products to the guys. They found some extra pieces on the roof that needed to be replaced, so we'll head there and pick those up. When we're out driving around, we can't help but run into more of the guys out driving. We've got a crew right here before we leave as well.

My favorite part of the job is meeting homeowners, talking with them about their projects, and finding a way to help. A lot of roofs need to be changed. Roofs are not one-size-fits-all, so looking at how the roof was and how we can make it and improve it has always been my favorite part of the job. It's awesome.

Alright, I'm just pulling in here. Let's check on the boys; it's lunchtime. We'll see what's going on here. You can see how nice and clean the grounds are. I like that. The container and porta-potty are delivered. You can see our materials are already roof-loaded. Nice. It's much safer that way; the guys don't have to carry the materials up ladders. The yard is nice and clean. I like the driveway; the homeowner can still pull his car in and out of the garage. It looks like a good job site.

Now, let's check out what's happening up there. One of the reasons we're doing a new roof here is that we have some wind damage. When the wind comes up the roof, it'll want to tear off some shingles. We have our ridge hip here that is missing some pieces. We'll work our way this way. These shingles have been completely blown out because of the wind. Over here again, the shingle is entirely out. So, we're up here on the hill. When we have high wind areas, it comes against the grain here and will want to pick up the shingles. When that happens, they'll be ready for a new roof.

Where the skylight we're going to replace is, you can see our safety anchors and lines that the guys use to be safe while working here. Now, this section will be ready for roofing. Our material is already roof-loaded, and we are trying to be as safe as possible. So now, we're checking out the back. We've covered everything with a tarp and put some plywood underneath the back. We call this a drop zone. This roof looks pretty steep. As debris falls, we want to make sure we're protecting everything. So, we will use this tarp to hold everything together and keep things clean.

The crew will clean up and put everything away when we're done today. In that way, the homeowners can still use the backyard as they want. We're all wrapped up here. Everything looks good. Gino's on it. My man. Looks good. Awesome.

I hope you liked that walk around to show you the job site. Some tear-off and a little bit of roofing on the backside were done. I hope everybody enjoyed that. We'll be making some more of these videos. If you need a roof, feel free to call or shoot us an e-mail. Thanks. Talk to you soon.

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