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Number 1 Roofer in Washington! Earning Certainteed SureStart Awards

Video Summary

Duration: 1:52

Date Published: Mar. 14, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: #1 Roofing company in Washington

Roofing Type: Composite asphalt shingles

Tools and Materials: Composite

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Washington number one roofing company CertainTeed SureStart awards

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Video Description

Three Tree Roofing earns CertainTeed SureStart Plus 2021 awards, including #1 in Washington SureStart Plus, #14 in North America SureStart Plus & Diamond Approval Award. These awards recognize Three Tree Roofing for providing outstanding customer service, roofing excellence, and SureStart Plus warranty coverage.

Video Transcript

Okay, so why are we the number one roofer in Washington? We think we are, but CertainTeed told us we were. That's cool. CertainTeed is a fantastic company. They make shingles, sheetrock, and windows. They manufacture excellent products, and their attention to detail is the best. We like CertainTeed.

CertainTeed looks at companies and checks their track record with customers. When Three Tree Roofing completes the job, CertainTeed surveys the customers and asks them how we did. From the beginning—from you calling in, getting a proposal, meeting our estimator, to how the roof was installed, to how the warranty is issued—they survey us.

It's a really neat process. CertainTeed also looks into our company to ensure that we're running it correctly and will be around to help you if you need us. Once they've looked at all these things, they rank us based on our track record and performance.

We're your number-one roofer in Washington, which is cool. We're also ranked the 14th roofer in North America, which is fantastic. We're super excited to have these awards. It means a lot to us, but we have the awards because our dedicated roofers really care when they're on the job. They're there to ensure that things go right. They talk to the homeowners and listen to you to ensure that we're all on the same page and that the job's going according to plan.

We appreciate all of our customers, that they do see how hard we work, talk to CertainTeed during those surveys, and give us honest reviews. That's great. If you have questions about how CertainTeed products work for your residential or commercial roof, call us at 206-312-ROOF. That's 7663. Thank you.

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