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Residential Roofing Services

Video Summary

Duration: 1:31

Date Published: Mar. 13, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Residential roofing services

Roofing Type: Residential roof types

Tools and Materials: Composite, metal, synthetic, cedar shake and solar

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Residential roofing services

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Video Description

Three Tree Roofing is a family-owned residential and commercial roofing company serving Seattle and the Puget Sound region since 2010. We offer top quality roofing materials, expert installation services, and reliable customer service backed by manufacturer guarantees. We have earned the CertainTeed's #1 Roofer in Washington and have over 450 5-star reviews. Financing options are available use consistent proven business processes to the benefit of our customers.

Video Transcript

Okay. We offer residential and commercial roofing services—two different things. On the residential side, we have dedicated crews, like on the commercial side. Dedicated commercial crews have different equipment and skills.

We break it down even further on the residential side. We have composition, metal, cedar shake, TPO, PVC for flat roofs, and Tesla. So those are all different crews. And then one little section below that even has gutters. That's a different set of guys installing the gutters, screens, and downspouts.

On the residential side, when we have our composition crew, they're only doing compositions. That way, they can be specialty installers, the best at one thing. You don't want a Jack of all trades, master of none, so you don't want your roofer to know a bit of information on many different roof types. They only know one thing; that way, they're the best at that one type of roofing, which is neat.

We can install gutters as an option with our roofs. Roofs and gutters go together. Usually, you want to replace both at the same time. So when we add gutters, we will do them with a complete roof, usually installed after the roof is done and completed. Then boom, our guys come in and install the gutters. If you have any questions about your residential roof, please call us at (206) 312-ROOF, 7663. Thanks.

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