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Composite Cedar Shake Roofing - Seattle, Washington

CeDUR Synthetic Shake Shingle Roof in West Seattle, Washington

West Seattle Composite Roofing Project: A Fusion of Safety, Sustainability, and Expert Workmanship

Reimagining Traditional Cedar Shakes with a Synthetic Twist

On our latest project in West Seattle, Three Tree Roofing transformed a traditional cedar shake roof into a long-lasting, fire-resistant, and visually stunning composite roof. By selecting CeDUR Synthetic Roofing, the desirable look of hand-split natural cedar shakes combines with the latest design and technology in synthetic roofing without the drawbacks of natural wood roofing.

CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Products come from Colorado, providing an authentic touch of American craftsmanship to our client's home. Beyond its visual appeal, this polyurethane based synthetic cedar roof offers remarkable longevity, outlasting conventional wood roofs commonly seen in our area.

Fire Resistance and Sustainability—The Way to a Worry-Free Roof

The synthetic shake we used is recognized for its class A fire rating, indicating it can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees before igniting. Compared to traditional Cedar Shake's 375-degree ignition point, the fire resistance of the synthetic cedar used offers significantly more peace of mind and safety. Consequently, homeowners can often benefit from lower insurance premiums due to the reduced fire risk.

A considerable advantage of synthetic shakes is in their sustainability. As a manufactured product, they prevent the need for tree-cutting, offering a renewable roofing solution that aligns with modern green initiatives. In addition, synthetic cedar shakes are recyclable, completing a cycle of eco-friendliness.

Unwavering Dedication to Safety and Quality

When undertaking a project of this magnitude, ensuring safety and workmanship quality is paramount. Our team members always prioritize safety, wearing safety ropes and utilizing safety anchors during the project. We also conduct safety checks and create a safety plan tailored to the specific location before any project begins.

Our thorough site preparation extends to protecting the homeowner's property. From setting up protective covers over the driveway to ensuring the landscaping remains untouched, we go the extra mile to respect and protect the client's property.

Strong Teamwork and Constant Communication

At Three Tree Roofing, we value concise and frequent communication with our clients. Our production managers maintain constant contact with homeowners, informing them about project progress, addressing their concerns, and accommodating feedback. We believe in bridging the gap between the crew and the customer to foster a smoother and more satisfactory project execution.

Unlike some roofing companies that rely on subcontractors, all our crew members are Three Tree Roofing hourly employees. This approach ensures their investment in the quality of their work and the satisfaction of our clients. They take extra care to thoroughly clean up the site, even scouring the bushes to pick out any debris. Our ultimate goal is to leave homeowners with a beautifully installed roof and a pristine property.

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Aerial view from the front of the house of the stunning transformation from a traditional cedar shake roof to a state-of-the-art CeDUR high performance synthetic roof system.
Overhead view of the back of the house roofed with CeDUR synthetic cedar roof shingles.
Closeup view of CeDUR Walden synthetic cedar roof shingles, the color option chosen for this West Seattle residential roofing project.

Leading-Edge Technology and Performance CeDUR Synthetic Roof

Three Tree Roofing is proud to have the opportunity to offer the CeDUR synthetic roof system, the most realistic synthetic roofing shakes ever made. Combining the desirability of the cedar shake look with the latest design and leading-edge technology, CeDUR synthetic shakes perfectly replicates the wood look of heavy hand-split natural cedar shakes. Fire-resistant, lightweight, and durable, CeDUR synthetic shakes provide property owners with peace of mind, high performance, and long-term value.

Roofing Project Details
  • Roofer: Three Tree Roofing CeDUR Roofer Expert Team
  • Roofing Project Location: West Seattle, Washington
  • Type of Roof: CeDUR Synthetic Cedar Shake Roof
  • Type of Roofing Project: Residential Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing
  • Roof Color: Walden
  • Length of Roofing Project: 5 to 7 days
Project Highlights
  • Scope of Work: Removal of the original cedar shake roof and installation of a CeDUR synthetic cedar shake roof
  • Key Features: Fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and durable synthetic cedar shake
  • Safety Measures: Use of safety ropes, safety anchors, and a project-specific safety plan
  • Class A Fire Rating: Stand Alone - highest rating obtainable - ASTM E108, UL 790
  • Impact rating: Class 4 UL 2218 Impact Resistant Roofing with CeDUR - highest rating obtainable
Roof Warranty
  • Warranty: Information available on request
Closeup view of the dormers on the garage with CeDUR synthetic shake shingles.
Overhead view of the dormers on the garage roofed with CeDUR synthetic shake shingles.
Overhead view of the dormers on the garage roofed with CeDUR synthetic shake shingles.
Overhead view of the top of the garage roofed with CeDUR synthetic shake shingles.
Aerial view from the front of the house of newly completed CeDUR Walden synthetic shake roofing project—a fusion of safety, sustainability, and expert workmanship by Three Tree Roofing.

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