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New Flat TPO Roof for Commercial Building in Tukwila, Washington

Exciting Commercial Building Roof Transformation in Tukwila, Washington

Three Tree Roofing recently completed another commercial roofing project in Tukwila, Washington. This building's roof began as a torch-down roof, a common type of flat roof in our region. As seen in the video, our team diligently tore off the old material using sponge shovels and then placed the debris in a container for recycling. The material is ground up and repurposed as asphalt for roads, an environmentally responsible process for our roofing operations.

Wanting to use newer and more efficient products, we installed a WeatherBond 60mil gray TPO membrane. This roofing material is not only recyclable but also excels in reflecting heat, ensuring that the building remains cool during the summer months. The installation involved detailed work on all perimeter edges before rolling out the large rolls of material. The result is a high-performing roof that complements the building while ensuring superior protection from the elements. This project is one of our many jobs representing our commitment to quality and environmentally conscious practices.

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Newly installed WeatherBond high-performing roof that complements the building while ensuring superior protection from the elements.

Trusted Performance and Quality Weatherbond TPO Membrane Roof

As a Certified Weatherbond Roof Installer, Three Tree Roofing is proud to have the opportunity to offer the Weatherbond Membrane Roof System. With a legacy of trusted performance, Weatherbond offers roofing options backed by manufacturing excellence and quality materials. TPO is a 100% waterproof chemically resistant thermo-polyolefin membrane that has become the leading choice for low-pitched and flat roofs in Washington State. TPO roofs are both long-lasting and energy-efficient. A benefit of a TPO membrane roof is it's a maintenance-free roofing system.

Roofing Project Details
  • Roofer: Three Tree Roofing Weatherbond TPO Roofer Expert Team
  • Roofing Project Location: Tukwila, Washington
  • Type of Roof: Weatherbond flat TPO Roof
  • Type of Material: Weatherbond .60mil TPO
  • Type of Roofing Project: Commercial Flat Replacement
  • Roof Color: Gray
  • Type of Roof Replacement: Old torchdown roof replaced with Weatherbond Flat TPO Membrane Installation
  • Length of Roofing Project: 3.5 Weeks
Project Highlights
  • Transition from torch down roof to TPO membrane
  • Detailed work on all perimeter edges
  • Old roofing material recycled into asphalt for roads
Roof Warranty
  • Weatherbond 20-year Material Warranty
  • Weatherbond 20-year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty
WeatherBond TPO membrane is recyclable, excels in reflecting heat, and ensures that Farwest Paint in Tukwila remains cool during the summer.
Aerial view of new WeatherBond TPO membrane roofing system from the front of Farwest Paint in Tukwila, Washington

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