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Metal Roofing - Redmond, Washington

New Metal Roof in Redmond, Washington

Stylish Nu-Ray Metals NRM-2000 Roof in Redmond, Washington

Three Tree Roofing has just completed another Nu-Ray Metals roof on this beautiful house in Redmond, Washington. The 15-year-old composition roof had put its time in, so it was ready for replacement. We removed the composition roof and upgraded it to a Nu-Ray Metals NRM-2000 roof, designed for lower-pitched roofs and a perfect roofing system for this house.

NRM-2000 panels combine structural panel strength with architectural aesthetics, feature a built-in anti-siphon seam, and are designed for low-pitch roofs. We use a machine to roll the seam over. This onsite roll forming is available for added weather resistance, making the roof almost impenetrable by water. It's a cool roof. The NRM-2000 panel for this roof is a 16-inch pencil rib panel in Charcoal Gray.

The house had two skylights before that wouldn't work with metal because they were too low. When roofing in metal there is a rib about one and a half inches high, so we had to build curbs for the skylights. Our on-staff carpenters were able to do all the necessary carpentry work. We installed new skylights and added new gutters. It ties the roof together. This way the skylights, roof and gutters can work as a whole house system.

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Onsite roll forming adds weather resistance, making this roof almost impenetrable by water.
This Nu-Ray NRM-2000 features a built-in anti-siphon seam and is perfect for the low-pitch roof.
Nu-Ray NRM-2000 roof panels feature a concealed attachment clip system to allow thermal movement as panels expand and contract with temperature changes.
Technical diagram of the Nu-Ray NRM-2000 Snap-Lock Concealed Fastener Panel for architectural, commercial and industrial roof applications.

Low Maintenance and High Performance, Nu-Ray Metals NRM-2000

Three Tree Roofing offers the best of Nu-Ray roofing products to our customers. Nu-Ray products have special features such as cool metal roofing with heat deflective options and an innovative snap-lock system. As the leader in metal roofing and siding, Nu-Ray’s extensive color palette offers choices that will complement any architectural style and building materials.

Roofing Project Details
  • Roofer: Three Tree Roofing Metal Roofer Expert Team
  • Roofing Project Location: Redmond, Washington
  • Type of Roof:NRM-2000 Series Panel, 16" Pencil Rib
  • Type of Roofing Project: Residential Metal Roof
  • Roof Color: Dark Bronze
  • Type of Roof Replacement: Roof tear-off replaced with Nu-Ray NRM 2000 metal residential roof
  • Length of Roofing Project: 4 to 5 weeks
Project Extras
  • New 6K gutter system
  • 40-year non-prorated Material Warranty
  • 20-year Workmanship Warranty on Labor
  • Fully Transferable
  • Aerial view as seen from the front of the house of newly installed Nu-Ray NRM 2000, 16" Pencil Rib roof.

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