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New Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof in Federal Way, Washington

Video Summary

Duration: 1:07

Date Published: Jan. 20, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Composite asphalt shingle roof

Roofing Type: Composite asphalt shingle roof

Tools and Materials: Malarkey Legacy composite roof

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Malarkey composite asphalt shingle roof

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Video Description

Three Tree Roofing recently finished installing a Malarkey Legacy roof in Weathered Wood in the Federal Way area, close to Des Moines and Redondo. Concerned about safeguarding a newly stamped driveway with fresh concrete, the homeowner asked us to exercise great care. To minimize the impact on the driveway, we utilized our mini dump trucks to reduce the weight on the driveway during the Malarkey roof installation.

Malarkey shingles, known for their all-weather resilience, have an eco-friendly composition crafted from up-cycled tires, recycled plastic bags, and milk jugs. These shingles enhance strength and durability while reducing waste by avoiding landfill waste. Additionally, they incorporate smog-reducing granules, promoting air cleanliness.

The Malarkey factory in Oregon is a local company, and each Malarkey roof is estimated to have a smog-fighting capacity equivalent to two to three trees—an environmentally conscious choice that aligns perfectly with our values. We find their roofing material to be an innovative, durable, product, and the outcome of this Malarkey roof installation is remarkable.

At Three Tree Roofing, we take pride in delivering the highest quality residential and commercial roofing solutions, earning the trust of our clients for their roofing projects. If you have any questions about Malarkey roofs, or residential or commercial projects, feel free to contact us for your new roof or give us a call at 206-312-7663 (ROOF)!

Video Transcript

We have another completed roof in the Federal Way area near Des Moines and Redondo. The homeowner had some concerns with his driveway. It's a nice stamped driveway with brand-new concrete. We made sure we were cautious. We have miniature dump trucks that we could drive on the driveway and keep the weight low.

The roof turned out fantastic. It is a Malarkey Legacy in Weathered Wood. This shingle is very cool. It has smog-reducing granules. Malarkey's factory is located in Portland, Oregon, and says each Malarkey roof is estimated to have a smog-fighting capacity equivalent to two to three trees. They use recycled car tires and recycled milk jugs that go into the shingle.

If you have any questions about Malarkey or residential or commercial roofing, give us a call at 206-312-7663 (ROOF)! Thanks.

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