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New Composite Shingle Roof W/ Dead Valley in Bellevue, WA.

Video Summary

Duration: 1:28

Date Published: Dec. 12, 2023

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Composite shingle roof w/dead valley

Roofing Type: Composite asphalt shingle roof

Tools and Materials: CertainTeed Landmark Pro composite roof

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Composite asphalt shingle roof with dead valley

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Video Description

This beautiful roofing project in Bellevue, Washington, features the CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles in Weathered Wood. With their neutral tone, these shingles complement various house paint colors, ensuring the roof looks fantastic even if you decide to change your house color in the future. We also addressed replacing three worn-out skylights during the roof installation. This approach ensures the longevity of the roofing system and the skylights, acknowledging that a roof's lifespan generally exceeds that of skylights.

Additionally, the team tackled a common roofing issue known as a Dead Valley—a part of the roof where two roof slopes come together collecting water and debris, by installing TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) in that area, transforming the problematic Dead Valley into a water-repelling zone, effectively safeguarding the home from leaks and water damage.

The CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles have a two-layer laminated fiberglass-based construction. Their heavyweight design provides exceptional durability, offering superior protection against weathering and thermal shock. These advanced shingles, formulated with specialized roofing granules, reflect solar energy and dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional shingles, reducing cooling costs and enhancing the roof's defense against various weather elements.

Three Tree Roofing's expertise and certification through CertainTeed's rigorous process ensure the roof has a 50-year material and 25-year workmanship warranty. This coverage provides peace of mind to homeowners, assuring them of long-term protection even if the roofing team members retire or relocate.

For any inquiries regarding residential or commercial roofing projects, Three Tree Roofing welcomes you to reach out to us through our contact page or call us at 206-312-7663 (ROOF)!.

Video Transcript

All right. I just got back off the 405. We were in Bellevue and finished this good-looking roof, a CertainTeed Landmark Pro in Weathered Wood. It looks perfect on this house. It is a neutral color. So you can paint the house a different color if you want to, and the roof will still look terrific.

We replaced three skylights on this roof. Skylights have a 12 to 15-year life term. So this is a 50-year roof. We would need to replace some skylights down the road. So that's something we do with roofs, and we also do gutters, and we like to take care of everything, so it's all under one warranty .

There's a little hidden pocket on this house, and we call those Dead Valleys. The reason is that the water runs down the roof quickly and then falls into this little swimming pool built into the house. So those areas are always going to leak. That's a problem. So when we see them, we remove the roof and all the material around them.

We then install a TPO material, which we install on large commercial flat roofs. TPO is designed to go on a flat roof area and hold water. So now that the roof is complete and she gets the rainstorms, the water will go to that TPO and roll off the roof nice and easy. If you have any residential or commercial roof questions, please call us at 206-312-7663 (ROOF)! That's seven, six, six, three. Thanks.

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