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Roofing Project: Composite Asphalt Shingle Commercial Roof in Auburn, Washington

Video Summary

Duration: 1:08

Date Published: Feb. 9, 2024

Author/Presenter: CJ McConaghy

Roofing Topic: Composite asphalt shingle commercial roof

Roofing Type: Composite asphalt shingle

Tools and Materials: CertainTeed Landmark composite asphalt shingle

Video Quality: 1080 HD video at 60fps

Tags/Keywords: Composite asphalt shingle commercial roof

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Video Description

Three Tree Roofing completed this exciting project at a commercial building in Auburn, Washington, where an eye doctor practices. The project involved the removal of the old commercial roof, revealing well-maintained decking underneath. A flat section of the building needed some additional roofing to ensure proper weatherproofing for the area housing the AC units.

We installed a CertainTeed Landmark Moiré Black composite shingle roof, chosen for its versatility to complement various paint colors. A bronze horse weathervane, sourced from Maine, was secured atop the rooftop cupola, adding a unique feature to the roof. The team is delighted with the outcome; more importantly, so is the customer. This high-performance CertainTeed roofing system safeguards the building while achieving perfect harmony between beauty, durability, and style.

For inquiries about roofing services, feel free to call Three Tree Roofing for assistance or further information. If you have any residential or commercial roof questions, please call us at (206) 312-7663

Video Transcript

Let's talk about another completed project. It's a commercial building in Auburn - a great building. An eye doctor works out of this building. A few things are happening; we removed the old composition roof, the decking looked good, and a flat section of the roof that holds some AC units needed additional roofing to ensure the flat roof section was weatherproof.

We installed a CertainTeed Landmark roof in Moiré Black. I think it looks perfect. It allows the owner to paint the building different colors if he chooses. Moiré Black is a very neutral color, so it looks good with all other types of paint.

The owner brought us the bronze horse on the cupola. Cupola - that's a fun word, and it's at the tippy top of the building. The bronze horse weathervane came from Maine, which is pretty cool, and we installed it for the owner. If you have any questions about commercial or residential buildings, please call Three Tree Roofing at (206) 312-ROOF, that's 7663. Thanks.

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