Quick Answer to "Metal Roofing vs Composite Shingles Roofing":

Metal roofing is made of metal while Composite roofing is made from asphalt, fiberglass, and ceramic granules. Metal roofing is more expensive and has a very different look compared to composite shingle roofing.

Metal Roofing
Composite Roofing

Extended Answer to "Metal Roofing vs Composite Shingles Roofing":

Differences between Composite Roofing and Metal Roofing

The first difference between metal roofing and composite roofing is material from which they are made. Composite roofing uses manufactured asphalt shingles made from asphalt, fiberglass, and ceramic granules. Meanwhile, Metal Roofing is made of different types of metal, usually Steel, Copper, or Aluminum. Another difference is in the way the finished roof looks. Some people feel a metal roof looks more modern, while a composite shingle roof has a classic look. An interesting not about metal roofing is, just as composite roofing can look different based on the thickness of the shingles and shape, metal roofing can look different depending on the thickness of the metal and shape of the metal as well.

Metal Roofing material vs. Composite Asphalt shingles

Composition is the most common type of roof installed currently. Composition is the most cost effective way to replace your roof and comes with great warranties. Composition roofing lasts anywhere from 30-50 years depending on the type of shingle you pick. Composition can be recycled when its torn off the roof.

Metal roofing is the top of the of the food chain when it comes to roofing material. Metal can cost twice as much as composition in most cases. Metal has some great options if solar panels are something that you will be getting after. Metal is 99% maintenance free and is the highest end in regards to look and feel. Metal will come with a 40 or 50 year warranty depending on the thickness of steel. Metal roofing can be recycled when it is removed from a roof.

Close up of metal roofing material.
Close up of a composite asphalt shingle.

Metal roofing is much cooler than composition shingles. Metal has paints that are very solar reflective, and composition is a radiant heat source. The asphalt that is in the composition shingles gets hot quickly and retains the heat for quite some time. Metal will dissipate heat quickly and allow the metal to rapidly cool down. The Kynar paint that is the final coating on the metal is very solar reflective and has a higher energy rating than composition shingles. Metal roofing is available in a large variety of colors since the final coat on the roof is paint.


Metal vs. Shingle Roofing Common Questions

Metal vs. Shingles

Is Metal Roofing Better than Shingles?

Most people consider metal roofing better than shingles roofing. Metal roofing will usually last twice or even triple the length of time as compared to shingle roofing. Metal is better with getting water and debris off the roof because it can slide off easily. UV rays take much longer to damage the paint and metal of metal roofing. Meanwhile, UV rays damage composition shingles much faster. The UV damage to composition roofing can take many years off the roofs life.

Metal vs. Shingles

Why Metal vs. Asphalt (Architectural) Shingle Roofing?

Metal roofing is the preferred install method for anyone looking for the last roof they want to install on their roof. Shingles don’t last as long because of the UV damage. Metal will be maintenance free and last 50 years or longer.

Metal Roofing vs. Shingles Roofing Price

Metal Roofing vs. Shingles Roofing Price

Metal roofing cost almost double the price of shingles. Material, manufacturing, transportation and labor all cost more than shingles. The longevity of the material is also much longer, metal will usually be the last roof you ever need on that structure.

Is Metal Roofing Hotter than Shingle Roofing?

Is Metal Roofing Hotter than Shingle Roofing?

Metal roofing is not hotter than shingles. Metal dissipates heat very fast and will cool down much faster than shingles. Shingles are a radiant heat source. They absorb the heat and it takes a long time for the heat to dissipate.

Metal vs. Tiles

Metal Roofing vs. Tile Roofing

Metal roofing is much stronger than tile. Tile allows some amount of water to get under the tiles and relies on the underlayment for the life of the tile roof. Metal keeps all water from getting underneath and that will allow the roof to last much longer. Tile is very hard to walk on with out damaging the tiles. This will make it hard to perform maintenance on the roof. Metal roofing can be walked on fairly easy. Metal roofing also requires less maintenance than tile.

Metal vs. Polycarbonyte

Metal Roofing vs. Polycarbonate Roofing

Metal roofing is a 50 year long lasting material. Polycarbonate is a thin plastic roofing material. Typically polycarbonate is installed over a patio or deck, it is not at all recommend to be installed over living space.

Three Tree Roofing Staff are Metal Roofing Experts

Three Tree Roofing includes a 25 year workmanship warranty on all metal roof installs. We have dedicated metal roofing crews that install metal roofs and no other types of roofing. This allows our metal roofing crews to focus on metal roofing and be the best metal roofers in Washington state.

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