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Metal roofing cost is complicated. We provide free roofing estimates to give you personal attention and find an accurate cost for your roof replacement.

Three Tree Roofing provides free roofing estimates to any home or commercial property owner in the Seattle area who thinks they need a new roof.

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6 Roof Replacement Metal Roofing Cost Factors

There are many factors that go into the cost of a metal roofing replacement. We give each customer focused individual care and attention to consider all the factors specific to their situation. Cost factors vary from customer to customer and roof to roof. We have highlighted the six most common cost factors below. These are not all of the cost factors that can affect price, however they cover the basics. Call or contact us for free roofing estimate and we will be glad to schedule an appointment and come out to your location to provide a roofing estimate.

Cost Factor #1 - Types of Metal Roofing

There are many different types of metal that vary in thickness, color, and style. Different roofing metal manufacturers vary in cost and quality. The major types of roofs are the following:

Steel Roofbeautiful new metal roof in Auburn, Washington, front of house
Copper RoofCopper roof on spire.
Aluminum RoofAluminum roof on carport.

Some manufacturers are better than others. The manufacturer we recommend Is Nu-Ray Metals. They make great quality metal that last a lifetime and offer many metal styles and options. Click here to see more detailed information on Nu-Ray Metals.

Cost Factor #2 - Size of Your Roof

Yes, size matters. The more roof you have, the more roofing material you need to cover the area. The bigger the roof, the more time and man power it takes to complete the job. Naturally, the bigger the metal roof, the more it is going to cost to replace. We love working on big metal roofs and small. Do not hesitate to call regardless of your roof size.

Cost Factor #3 - Complexity of the Layout of Your House

The complexity of your metal roof plays a factor in the cost of your roof. The complexity is something that many people do not consider when thinking through how much their metal roof replacement will cost. Some features that create complexity include the pitch, skylights, number of joints, pipe and vents, chimneys, and more. All of these features need to be considered when calculating the complexity of your roof.

Cost Factor #4 - Accessibility to Your Home

Is your home easy to access for trucks and equipment? To save time, we load the new products on the roof. This avoids having to carry the new roofing product up manually and saves a lot of time and labor. We also have a trash container delivered for old roofing materials to be disposed. If the trash container cannot be placed close to the house, cost of disposal increases. The added distance causes the roofing crew to have to carry all of the debris a longer distance to the containers location. Either way, we can replace a roof just about anywhere. The real question is if the accessibility around your home will increase the cost or your roof replacement, and if so, by how much.

Cost Factor #5 - Current Roof Type

Your current roof type plays a role in the cost of the roof. One possible cost increase can come from multiple layers of older roof shingles under the current roof. Having more material to remove and dispose of leads to more labor and disposal costs. Steep roofs are much more difficult to tear off and require extra attention, leading to a higher overall roof replacement cost. Type of roof matters. Removing and disposing of metal roofing shingles has a different cost then removing and disposing of a concrete tile roof.

Cost Factor #6 - Building Code Standards

Universal building codes and local city and state building codes can play a role in the cost of roof replacement. Not all city’s require the same permit or a permit at all in some cases. We work in many city’s around Seattle and have a great relationship with the permitting departments. It’s very important to know what each city requires permits and for what they require permits. If you do not have the proper permits, an inspector can shut down the job. There is also the danger of the homeowner getting fined if the roofing company does not pull the correct permits.

There are many more factors that can effect the cost of metal roofing, however these are the basics. Call or contact us for a free roofing estimate and we will be glad to schedule an appointment and come out to your location to provide a roofing estimate.

Metal Roofing Manufacturer

Nu-Ray Metals Roofing Products
Nu-ray Metals Roofing Products

Nu-ray Metal Roofing is an industry leader in metal roof installation, with over 100 years of combined knowledge and 60 thousand square feet dedicated to manufacturing facilities located right here on American soil. The company produces some top quality products that can be found all around the Seattle area and the rest of the state of Washington!

With Nu-Ray Metals, you're getting a great product that will last for decades. Nu-Ray metal is made with their calibrated roll machines in the factory and comes standard 40 years or 50 warranties.

Three Tree Roofing Staff are Metal Roofing Experts

Three Tree Roofing includes a 25 year workmanship warranty on all metal roof installs. We have dedicated metal roofing crews that install metal roofs and no other types of roofing. This allows our metal roofing crews to focus on metal roofing and be the best metal roofers in Washington state.

We hope this series of articles, "5 Different Types of Roofs: Metal Roofing", helps you better understand the ins and outs of metal roofing.