Quick Answer to "Is Composite Roofing Environmentally Friendly?":

If you are working with Three Tree Roofing, then Yes, your composite roof is environmentally friendly.

This is a Pipe Lake in Covington, Washington composite roofing project we completed. 100% of the shingles from the old roof were recycled!

Extended Answer to "Is Composite Roofing Environmentally Friendly?":

100% Environmentally Friendly Composite Roofing from Three Tree Roofing

Yes, composite roofing can be 100% environmentally friendly. There are two major factors that go into making a composite roofs environmentally friendly. First, the composite roofing shingles should be made of recycled materials. The second is, when the shingles are eventually removed from your roof, they need to be disposed in a way that is environmentally friendly.

This asphalt road has a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. We strive to preserve our environment by managing our roofing company in an environmentally responsible way.

At Three Tree Roofing, we source our shingles from CertainTeed or Malarkey Roofing Products. Both of these major manufactures produce shingles with a portion of each shingle consisting of recycled materials.

When we remove composite roofing from a roof replacement project, we take the old composite roofing shingles to a recycler that grinds the shingles into material that is reused in asphalt for roads.

Malarkey Carbon Absorbing Shingles

The composite roofing manufacturer, Malarkey Roofing Products, has developed shingles which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This happens with 3M™ Smog-Reducing Granules which have been added to their shingles.

"On an average-sized (approx. 30 square) roof, the smog-reducing strength of the shingles is equivalent to more than two trees."

Jim Fagan
Chief Executive Officer & President, Malarkey Roofing Products

Reduces Air Pollution

The 3M Smog Reducing Granules harness sunlight to photo catalytically convert smog into water-soluble ions, actively reducing air pollution.

Upcycles Materials

Recycled rubber and plastics are used to create a our shingles, which in turn improves the Malarkey shingle strength. EACH ROOF diverts 5 times as much material from the landfill than traditional materials would do! (30 foot square roof = 5 tires and 350 milk jugs of landfill savings)

Three Tree Roofing is Composite Roofing Manufacturer Certified

We have gone through extensive training with each manufacturer. This included comprehensive background checks and audits. Through these processes, we earned manufacturer certifications from our roofing material suppliers. In addition to the Three Tree Roofing Warranty, our customers receive a manufacturer backed warranty. This includes all of our workmanship. You are double covered by us and by the manufacturer!

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