New Composite Asphalt Shingles Roof in Tacoma, Washington: overhead view of roof from an angle

This beautiful roof in Tacoma, Washington was replaced with a new CertainTeed Presidential TL composite asphalt shingle. CertainTeed offers a 50 year warranty on all of their roofs installed by a certified CertainTeed roofer.

Three Tree Roofing's Consistent Process

This is a walk through of what you can expect when Three Tree Roofing shows up for your roof replacement. This article is part of a larger series, Three Tree Roofing's "Roofing 101". In this Roofing 101 article, we walk-through our roof installation process of CertainTeed Presidential Composite Asphalt Shingles on the roof of a residential home.

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Step 1: Safety First

Here at Three Tree Roofing, safety is our utmost priority. We go through a safety checklist to make sure everyone is following protocol for a safe installation, as well as have all of the tools and safety equipment necessary to make sure a job goes smoothly. Here we double check the plywood status to see if any plywood needs to be replaced. This creates a strong foundation for our underlayment and shingles.

Step 2: Perimeter Metals and Underlayment

Now that we have inspected our roof deck it is time to install the under the gutter edge metals and synthetic underlayment. This helps protect the plywood from water damage.

Step 3: CertainTeed Presidential Shingle Installation and Ridge Vent with Mountain Ridge Shingle Installation

Now it is time to install our CertainTeed Presidential shingles. Presidential Shingles embodies a similar aesthetic to Cedar Shake, which is a classic look in the Pacific Northwest. We follow CertainTeed’s factory certified methods of installation to secure your roof and uphold an outstanding 50-year material warranty, as well as a manufacturer backed 25-year workmanship warranty on all our labor.

We will install a ridge vent system to allow for optimal ventilation. This allows for air to exhaust throughout the entire ridge, allowing the whole attic to breath and mitigate condensation damage. We then cap this with a sturdy mountain ridge shingle.

We hope this article was educational and provided a clear view of what you can expect when Three Tree Roofing replaces your roof. If you enjoyed this article, check out our other Roofing 101 articles:

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