Kenmore: A City With an Incredible History

We are extremely fortunate to serve Kenmore as Kenmore roofers. Kenmore has an incredible history. It started as a town for shingle-makers (yay, PNW roofing history!) and grew during the Prohibition Era as a town of entertainment and speakeasies.

At first Kenmore was only the mill, its cookhouse, manager’s house, bunkhouse and a few worker shacks. The mill was just at the edge of Lake Washington, where logs were floated to the area to be made into shingles for roofs and the sides of houses. The mill employed 35 - 40 men and stood east of the present Premix plant on the flat land beside the river. The mill burned down in 1923.

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To this day, Kenmore remains a great spot for a night on the town. If you like visiting local breweries, give Cairn Brewing and Nine Yards Brewing a shot!

Favorite Restaurant in Kenmore

Jay's Cafe

Fun Stuff in Kenmore

Log Boom Park

Your Kenmore Roofers

Three Tree Roofing is proud to be a part of the Kenmore community. Being born and raised in the Seattle / Kenmore area, we are a family-owned and operated business.

Kenmore Roofer Project: This is a Composite Asphalt Shingle Roofing Top View from a Residential Home in Kent, a city close to Kenmore.

We take pride in our work and providing beautiful, sound roof replacements that will last a lifetime for our friends and neighbors. Both owners of Three Tree roofing were born, grew up, went to school, and now serve the Seattle and the surrounding communities, including Kenmore as Kenmore roofers, through our roofing company. Each and every new roof we replace means that much more to us.

Little Boy in Hospital Feeling Much Better

We give back to Kenmore and the surrounding communities by providing top notch service, but more importantly through charities. One charity in particular is the Seattle Children's Hospital through the Color Me Happy Guild’s Putt for Children’s annual fundraiser. We feel very fortunate to be from such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to give back to Kenmore.

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